Billow Observatory

II: Plains/Patterns

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Billow Observatory – the trans-atlantic duo consisting of Detroit's Jason Kolb (Auburn Lull) and Danish producer Jonas Munk (Manual) – are back with a follow-up to the their debut album from 2012.

”II: Plains/Patterns” departs from the first LP’s amorphous ambient haze with a more rigid, albeit subtle, underpinning of rhythm and pulse. The duo’s obsession with “place and space” comes clearly into focus with an album that draws deeply from Munk and Kolb’s individual proximity to the geographically distant, but oddly similar, sounds of Germany and Michigan, past and present.

Traces of shoegaze, modern minimal electronica, and kosmische appear on every track, but are mutated into something mysterious and new.

Billow Observatory: II: Plains/Patterns

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Kercheval Billow Observatory
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