Bing & Ruth

City Lake

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Before Bing & Ruth’s halcyonic opus Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, there was City Lake (2010). Initially pressed in an unusually limited edition five years ago, the ensemble’s stunning full-length debut is now released in simultaneously refined and expanded form. With bonus tracks and new, visceral mastering, the album gleams all the more and signals a spree of live performances this fall revisiting the material.

Bing & Ruth: City Lake

Broad Channel Bing & Ruth
Put Your Weight Into It Bing & Ruth
And Then It Rained Bing & Ruth
Rails Bing & Ruth
City Lake Tu Sei Uwe Bing & Ruth
Broad Channel A Little Line in a Round Face Bing & Ruth
Here's What You're Missin Bing & Ruth
You're Gonna Need That When He's Gone (Bonus Track) Bing & Ruth
In This Ruined House (Bonus Track) Bing & Ruth
Broad Channel (Solo Piano) (Bonus Track) Bing & Ruth

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