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Crushing celestial tech-noise objects from Black Rain (a.k.a. Ike Yard’s Stuart Argabright) with Shapednoise and Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker.

Apophis’, so named after asteroid 99942 which poses an uncertain threat to humanity, was written and realised over summer 2014 and supposes four cuts of destructive electronics describing a potential, eschatalogical event and its aftermath in grim and unflinching detail.

Black Rain and Shapednoise are clearly steeled and ready for what may come, from ‘Metal Home’s’ premonition of rubbling noise forces and slivers of electronic salvation, to the thunderous, scudding speedcore mass of ‘Autonomous Lethality’, or the double-timed serpentine lash of ‘Interceptor’ proving they’ve come to terms with our potential extinguished existence.

Likewise, we’ve always imagined Miles came from some parallel cyberpunk dimension just outside Burnley anyway, so his Ramen reshape of the latter makes sense, hammering away its angles until it exudes sludgy, effluent hardcore techno tropes.

Definitely one for Mad Max characters, techno freaks and noise creeps!

Black Rain & Shapednoise: Apophis

Metal Home Black Rain & Shapednoise
Autonomous Lethality Black Rain & Shapednoise
Interceptor (Miles Ramen Reshape) Black Rain & Shapednoise
Interceptor Black Rain & Shapednoise

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