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Low Jack’s Editions Gravats present Black Zone Myth Chant (a.k.a. High Wolf) at his most ‘floor-friendly with five tracks of mutant, refractive rhythms and cosmic melody cut-out and expanded for DJ purpose from last year’s 40-minute Judgement mixtape.

The collaged, psychedelic fabric of his mix is teased into new, minimalist rhythmelodies and chaotic harmonics, flipping its fragmentary ideas into colourfully-plumed, outer-limits dance trax that sound quite unlike anyone beyond the obvious aesthetic touchstones like Hieroglyphic Being, Sun Ra or DJ Screw.

Reload Pain starts up like some Far Eastern synth phantasia replayed by khat-high Ethio-jazzers, whilst Pitchblack stirs a viscous brew of screwed vox and cranky discord lightened up with glittering celestial arpeggios, and Jail Love opens a 3 minute window of beat-less kosmiche synth contours. Night Chicks float us back to the dance on choral pads and trickling tribal drum patter, before closing with the hyper alien set-dance of Zero To One.

Black Zone Myth Chant: Jimi W

Reload Pain Black Zone Myth Chant
Pitchblack Black Zone Myth Chant
Jail Love Black Zone Myth Chant
Night Chicks Black Zone Myth Chant
Zero To One Black Zone Myth Chant

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