Blood Orange

Freetown Sound

Domino Records WIGLP369
  • 2LP+10": Includes download, bonus 10inch + double sided, glossy poster
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After moving to New York City in the mid-2000s, Hynes became Blood Orange, plumming the oeuvres of the city’s musical legends to create a singular style of urgent, delicate pop music. Freetown Sound, which follows 2011’s Coastal Grooves and 2013’s breakthrough Cupid Deluxe, builds upon everything Hynes has done as an artist, resulting in the most expansive artistic statement of his career. Drawing from a deep well of techniques and references, the album unspools like a piece of theater, evoking unexpected communions of moods, voices, and eras. Freetown Sound derives its name from the birthplace of Hynes’ father, the capital of Sierra Leone. Thematically, it is profoundly personal and unapologetically political, touching on issues of race, religion, sex, and sexism over 17 shimmering songs.

Blood Orange: Freetown Sound

By Ourselves Blood Orange
Augustine Blood Orange
Chance Blood Orange
Best to You Blood Orange
With Him Blood Orange
E.V.P. Blood Orange
Love Ya Blood Orange
But You Blood Orange
Desirée Blood Orange
Hands Up Blood Orange
Hadron Collider Blood Orange
Squash Squash Blood Orange
Juicy 1-4 Blood Orange
Better Than Me Blood Orange
Thank You Blood Orange
I Know Blood Orange
Better Numb Blood Orange

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