Bodi Bill

Next Time

Sinnbus SR028
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Next Time. Here it is: The new, the second album of Berlin trio Bodi Bill. A mere year after their acclaimed album debut „No More Wars“ (sr020), Bodi Bill grant their swiftly growing number of ardent aficionados another glimpse of their very own world. With a lingo even more concise and a pinpoint execution of their pleas and appeals, Bodi Bill up the ante with a delicate and charming, yet demanding masterpiece, contributing their share to the debate of our times.
They lived through twelve turbulent months of „No More Wars“, full of shows, new friends, sticky backslapping. Next time, they said, let's do all this even better and even more exciting. Next time, they said, let all this be more honest and more imperative. Next time, they said, let's leave nothing unfinished, let there be no... and... and especially... and... Here it is: Next Time. Out on May 16, 2008, again on Sinnbusrecords. As an anticipator, the five track Single EP „TipToe, I Like Holden Caulfield“ will be out on May 2nd, 2008. We're in flames!
Next Time. Return. Restart. Start again. Always proceed. It's Bodi Bill and the marks time has left on them. Or are these dents from arguments? They have challenged their own position, their destiny, the products they made with their own hands. It's been a year of searches and balances, and now Bodi Bill shall bear witness. Next Time.
And it's a document of decisions. Decisions made with care, decisions forced upon them by the passing of hours. All this emerged and grew in such little time, by coincidence maybe, or by fortune. Maybe it had existed forever, and it evolved with the ideas we share, with the combination of people that surround each other, as the expression of the times we live in. This is testament to trying to never give in, to staying true to yourself and to, yes, saving the world, even and especially when it comes to its small things and trivialities.
Bodi Bill are visitors from different times, from before or after, nevermind. They share the responsibilty they've been given: We have our five or six years. We have knowledge we can make use of. And we have an idea. Or two. We have the means, but even more so: We have a reason. We opted for a context to act from, and for motives as well. And for this moment. This is our contribution to an ongoing discussion. In our own words. As an immediate part of it.
That said, discontent is more than the ever-famous opportunity. Discontent with yourself, with the circumstances. Discovering the value of permanent exchange. Making use of the possibilities, knowing what is up to you to do. For the time being, let this be the result of a necessity. And a promise to take part, and to face up to it again and again. Next Time.

Bodi Bill: Next Time

One Or Two Bodi Bill 3'51''
Needles Bodi Bill 3'09''
Tip Toe Bodi Bill 4'55''
Sorry To Disturb You But I'm Lost Bodi Bill 5'51''
I Like Holden Caulfield Bodi Bill 3'50''
Small Sorrows, Great Songs Bodi Bill 6'22''
Henry Bodi Bill 4'03''
Depart Bodi Bill 4'36''
Don't Fool The Kids Bodi Bill 4'24''
Three Is A Crowd Bodi Bill 3'06''

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