Bodi Bill

No More Wars

Sinnbus SR020
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Alex Amoon (Nonostar) and Fabian Fenk (Pantasz) form the all new Berlin-based band Bodi Bill. "No More Wars", their album debut, moves elegantly between club and folk aesthetics, though not denying one another's advantages. The outcome is a beautiful electronic music longplayer, full of catchy dance tracks and melancholic songwriting. Rhythm sequences are taken over by love confessions, which then turn into forward Berlin club music - and vice versa.
Bodi Bill's "No More Wars" is a refined pop album, full of electronics, straight beats, passionate songs, and genuine programming, never falling into the trap of becoming impersonal computer music, but rather evolving organically. Bodi Bill drag twigs and leaves through their laptops, processing them into complex beats. They play classical instruments, and sing because of a most inborn desire to tell the full that they should still be hungry. Still dreaming of the last Sunday morning walk, synthetic sounds are combined with field recordings and wooden beats to fall out of context. Rooms open and close, fizzle and bang. In here, the sampler writes a song, you can dance to tree noises, and the city reaches out for its green surroundings.
Bodi Bill are where promising beginnings surpass the mere idea and condense into a band. Some of these beginnings involve the postrock slomo Nonostar and Alex Amoon's EP "I Am The Virus" on BPitch Control. They involve Fabian Fenk's electro-sound pop project Pantasz, with releases on Sinnbus and Keplar records. We always find Bodi Bill, weaving references and hommages into most profound song structures. For them, the general whole and the manic detail work go hand in hand. Thus, Bodi Bill replace old ever-fattening standards with compositions, improvisation, boldness and headroom. A profound knowledge of dancefloor dynamics commisions itself to brazen beauty in song and track.
Using their books, Alex Amoon and Fabian Fenk to transform reality - fractioned into shreds of sound - into music, no matter if working close to silence or amidst the roar. Sometimes their methods yield a morphing dance anthem, sometimes they create a ballad about the deadlock and the cramped confines of techno clubs. A hole in the soul, crowded clouds, passing moments - for them, the world is too big to not be told and lived through in its absolute entirety. Relating the sampling philosophy of Murcof and Matthew Herbert, the intensity of Will Oldham and Thom Yorke and the stirring arrangements of Max Bruch and Alfred Schnittke, Bodi Bill create one thing after all: Digital heart music. Our enthusiasm? Limitless.

Bodi Bill: No More Wars

Parking Space Bodi Bill 3'23''
Traffic Jam Bodi Bill 3'43''
Very Small Bodi Bill 4'00''
Nothing Bodi Bill 6'04''
Kilogramm Bodi Bill 5'02''
Straw Hats Bodi Bill 6'44''
Be Home Before Dinner Bodi Bill 5'16''
Naegel Bodi Bill 3'41''
Elephant Ears Bodi Bill 6'09''
Willem Bodi Bill 2'50''

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