Bodi Bill

Two In One

Sinnbus SR034CD
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The three of Bodi Bill grew up in the Berlin underground scene, as part of post rock bands, as part of the club and dj scene. WMF, Berghain, Melt! - this is BODI BILL's world now. Plus one of the most forcefully expressive voices you can find these days in the european underground. Fabian Fenk. But just listen, all flowers of speech would be misleading, they would not live up to the expectations.
Pop songs to show the sated that they are still hungry. In this spirit the album at hand collects the essential moments of the band's hitherto existing work and will tell everyone who did not know so far of this fantastic band. Two In One.

Bodi Bill: Two In One

Head In My Hands Bodi Bill 2'43''
Traffic Jam Bodi Bill 3'45''
Schattenspiele RMX Bodi Bill 5'35''
Willem Bodi Bill 2'56''
Needles Bodi Bill 3'12''
Henry Bodi Bill 4'35''
Tip Toe Walk Bodi Bill 3'50''
Very Small Bodi Bill 4'00''
Be Home Before Dinner Bodi Bill 4'32''
Depart Tropical Bodi Bill 3'44''
One Or Two Ghosts Bodi Bill 3'38''
I Like Holden Caulfield Bodi Bill 3'40''

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