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An ode to trial-and-error, to DIY and to freindship. An obelisk made of stones, garbage bags and bits and trinkets found along the way. "What?" is the third album from Bodi Bill.

- What? -
The band we hold our breath for restarts the conversation and offers a change in perspective. What happens to things that get activated? A stone may become an instrument, a sound becomes a song. Bodi Bill answer this question with ten markedly distinct pieces sharing an undogmatic will to encourage and foster new methods and approaches. The band starts a joyful and open-ended journey, full of enthusiasm and curiosity and an irresistable urge to take hold of everything they come across on the way. Shaking, knocking together and turning things upside down to glimpse at what is underneath.

- Friends - Where are you from?
With their first two albums, "No More Wars" and "Next Time", as well as the international compilation "Two In One", Bodi Bill have made themselves indispensable. Out of the blue and without much clamor, they grew into the hearts of their listeners, making them burst, again and again. Straight from their circle of friends in their home town Berlin, they impulsvely slogged it out throughout Europe, piece by piece, heart by heart. Listening to Bodi Bill means discovering them on your own, keeping them forever and sharing them: with all the others in all those crowded clubs and most of all with the band themselves.

- The Net - Strength needing direction
Bodi Bill are a band that works within contexts, that has established its own channels of expression. A modern musical eclecticism, their art school background and a fertile home soil are the basis of that luxurious position to control every aspect of their output. This is about ideas and creative processes as a form of communication, not isolation. It's about mindfulness, exchange and interaction. In short: it's about the very intcat myth of mutual growth and friendship at the same time. What often remains a mere experiment has already become reality for Bodi Bill. Accordingly, "What?" pulls it all off with great self-confidence: the balancing act between different scenes, charm, openness, being fresh, uncompromising and relevant. The music confronts you in a civilized way, as disturbing as stimulative, constantly changing form and function. It offers its services, but still it rather poses new questions than giving answers. And most of all: it's beautiful.

What? It's a cheerful What?, come on and shout it out, loud!

Bodi Bill: What?

Paper Bodi Bill 2'54''
Brand New Carpet Bodi Bill 3'29''
Pyramiding Bodi Bill 5'44''
What Bodi Bill 3'27''
Garden Dress Bodi Bill 3'10''
The Net Bodi Bill 3'34''
And Patience Bodi Bill 4'07''
Hotel Bodi Bill 3'56''
Sea Foam Bodi Bill 4'04''
Friends Bodi Bill 15'26''

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