Body Sculptures

A Body Turns to Eden

Posh Isolation Posh Isolation 171
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The formative element is the collaborative pact between Sweden's Northern Electronics and Denmark's Posh Isolation.

The aesthetic singularity of the project is owed to the distinguished backgrounds of the five contributing artists.

Each perspective entails a varying set of working methods and sonic preferences, though it is the sensitivity with which the diversity of these practices are framed in Body Sculptures that assures the project its own space.

Jonas Rönnberg is the co-owner of Northern Electronics and is involved in the projects Ulwhednar (with Abdulla Rashim) and Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet.

Erik Enocksson is a highly regarded Swedish composer who has scored countless independent productions.

Frederikke Hoffmeier's industrial and experimental project Puce Mary has been the subject of much veneration in recent years.

Ossian Ohlsson is from the industrial outfit Vit Fana. Loke Rahbek is the co-founder of Posh Isolation and a member of Damien Dubrovnik and Lust For Youth.

The combinations of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, the soiled traces of genre, and the mixed modes of experimentation, are here pitched as an eternal requiem, letting the play between the project's orthodox and unorthodox methods reflect a sharp fatalism.

Body Sculptures: A Body Turns to Eden

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