Brian Eno

The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition)

All Saints Records WAST032CD
  • 2LP: Includes download, Vinyl re-cut as a double LP for improved sound quality.
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Reissue of Brian Eno's 1992 album dedicated to Russian artist and friend Sergei Shutov, and a continuation of the atmospheric ambient work found on records such as On Land and Thursday Afternoon. Eno had discovered that Shutov often painted to his music but was unable to obtain many of his records in then-communist Russia. He resolved to collate a tape of previously unreleased material (recorded between 1985 and 1990) to give to Shutov and upon listening himself discovered a previously unnoticed thread that ran through the pieces, creating an unintentional full length work. Each piece is named after and derived from one of Eno's audio-visual installations.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tracklist contains snippets of the regular album only, not of the bonus material!!

Brian Eno: The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition)

Triennale Brian Eno
Alhondiga Brian Eno
Markgraph Brian Eno
Lanzarote Brian Eno
Francisco Brian Eno
Riverside Brian Eno
Innocenti Brian Eno
Stedelijk Brian Eno
Ikebukuro Brian Eno
Cavallino Brian Eno

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