Built To Spill

Ancient Melodies Of The Future

1972 IF 27
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Formed in 1992 in Boise, Idaho by guitarist and vocalist Doug Martsch, Built to Spill has since evolved radically, shed members, linked eras, and all the while endured as one of the most tuneful and rewarding acts of the lauded Northwest indie-rock tradition.

The group signed to Warner Brothers in 1995, but Martsch was wise enough to retain control over production, and by 1999 he’d helmed the group towards commercial and critical success with Keep it Like a Secret. It was a touchstone album, and yet 2001’s Ancient Melodies Of The Future bested that career highlight with considerable grace and craft. Marsch’s studio proficiency is immediately evident in the alternately delicate and devastating mix of mellotron, keyboard, and inventive guitar overdubs that characterize Ancient Melodies Of The Future’s sonic palette. Melodic curlicues distinguish the minor hit “Strange,” while woozy grooves propel the mid-tempo ballad “Trimmed and Burning” through an incendiary solo section. As the album title suggests, Ancient Melodies Of The Future stands outside of history in a realm of its own.

Built To Spill: Ancient Melodies Of The Future

Strange Built To Spill
The Host Built To Spill
In Your Mind Built To Spill
Alarmed Built To Spill
Trimmed And Burning Built To Spill
Happiness Built To Spill
Don't Try Built To Spill
You Are Built To Spill
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Built To Spill
The Weather Built To Spill

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