Marginal Virgin

Opal Tapes OPAL078
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This month, Opal Tapes also releases the strangest pop music. Well, the first track might pretend, the whole thing is going to be some noisy goth record, but later on there are otherwordly vocals and sinister drones over a ever-pulsating synths coming up. The longer we listen, the more we think, that these songs also link to bands like Leven Signs or the Flying Lizards.

CAO: Marginal Virgin

Marginal Virgin CAO 10'35''
Cult Of The Crocodile CAO 3'27''
Descendent River CAO 3'32''
Les Jungles Occultes CAO 3'52''
Copula Of Deserts CAO 2'18''
Sex With The City-Whirlwind CAO 4'39''
Copula Of Arches CAO 4'49''

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