Carlos Cipa

The Monarch And The Viceroy

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Carlos Cipa is a 22 year old composer/musician residing in Munich (Germany).
Carlos discovered his passion for music very early in his life. At the age of 6 he began taking classical piano lessons with various renowned teachers.
Ten years later after he started playing drums he became more and more interested in composition and improvisation. In the following years he made lots of experiences in many music styles like jazz, hardcore/punk, indie rock and orchestral music.
Influenced by Eric Satie and Claude Debussy his piano music impresses particularly because of its intensity and great attention to detail. It's not only enhanced by his classical background and symphonic film music works, but also by the experiences he made as drummer in different bands. Besides the piano he is interested in all different kinds of instruments, as experimenting takes an important role in his work.
Not playing just traditional concert rooms Carlos so far shared the stage with marvelous acts like A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Rivulets or Library Tapes.

Carlos Cipa: The Monarch And The Viceroy

Perfect Circles Carlos Cipa 2'57''
The Whole Truth Carlos Cipa 5'25''
The Monarch And The Viceroy Carlos Cipa 6'48''
Human Stain Carlos Cipa 2'38''
Morning Love Carlos Cipa 2'42''
In Place Of Anger Carlos Cipa 4'58''
Nocturne Carlos Cipa 2'04''
Cold Night Carlos Cipa 3'53''
Lost And Delirious Carlos Cipa 3'44''
Lie With Me Carlos Cipa 5'59''
Wide And Moving Carlos Cipa 4'46''
The Dream Carlos Cipa 5'36''

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