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Six track EP of berzerk, often downright scary new music from Chafik Chennouf (Leyla Records) with the “Ferrorequinologie" track absorbed and remixed by Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) Mondkopf and aKatsunori Sawa respectively.

Chafik Chennouf: Dual Aspect

Ferroequinologie Chafik Chennouf 4'57''
Ferroequinologie (Katsunori Sawa Remix) Chafik Chennouf 7'46''
Ferroequinologie (Lucy Remix) Chafik Chennouf 8'30''
Ferroequinologie (Mondkopf Remix) Chafik Chennouf 6'34''
Hanneton Chafik Chennouf 3'50''
The Observer Effect Chafik Chennouf 4'51''

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