Champagne Mirrors

Extended Communication Techniques

Jealous God JG013
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The recent news that the Jealous God label is planning to wind down was slightly softened by the impressive selection of releases that will appear before it does. Chief amongst those was this EP from Champagne Mirrors, an alias of Blackest Ever Black contributor Alex Barnett. Extended Communication Techniques is as dark, unsettling and creepy as you'd expect, with occasional shards of light - a headline melody here and there, with similarly rare slivers of woozy electronic positivity - helping to balance out Barnett's dystopian tendencies. It's one of those sets that benefits from repeated listens, with each successive play revealing additional layers of moody detail.

Champagne Mirrors: Extended Communication Techniques

Earless Champagne Mirrors
Mud Champagne Mirrors
Interlude 1 Champagne Mirrors
Luggage Champagne Mirrors
Strip Away Champagne Mirrors
Interlude 2 Champagne Mirrors

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