Christian Kleine

Real Ghosts

City Centre Offices Towerblock CD 019
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On his second album for CCO Christian Kleine re-introduces all the instruments he played before he had a computer. "Real Ghosts" is a meditation on Christian's musical roots. Not a restart, not a sudden denial of electronic music. The time was just right to get out the guitars again. The most obvious change is indeed Christian's focus on his guitar-playing. "Real Ghosts" is a real rocker. Distorted walls of guitars, head-nodding beats and the deepest, fatest basslines make the album a completely differnt story, open up a complete new world.

Christian Kleine: Real Ghosts

Home Christian Kleine 5'27''
Stations Christian Kleine 5'08''
Like The Clouds, Like The Sky Christian Kleine 4'36''
Ghostwriting Christian Kleine 2'23''
R Last Christian Kleine 2'38''
Handsome Used Christian Kleine 5'57''
Shifts Of Wood Christian Kleine 5'39''
That's Why You Came Christian Kleine 5'31''
Tastetouch Christian Kleine 5'24''
Disappearing Objects Christian Kleine 5'01''

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