Chubby Wolf

The Darker Sex

Low-Point LP042
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Time moves differently with Chubby Wolf’s latest work of fluid sound art….more than a single, you're embraced and carried, pulled gently in one direction, urgently in another. You feel Dani had woven a tapestry of emotional choreography just for you. As with all her work, there is a sense of a personal touch…a slight weight of a hand on the shoulder, your skin gone electric where her sound has lifted you.
We sadly do not know what Dani’s exact intentions were with this music. Our only direct hint the title, 'The Darker Sex'. Even that, like a game of playfulness or frustration with a lover… which is the darker sex? But don’t you know? All of her work was a labor of love and gift to the world, and I believe we were meant to feel more then define. For here purgatory is not flat, it is pregnant and undulating with expectation and anticipation…and above all else, an effervescent timeless beauty. We will want to stay a while. - Maile Colbert, March 2011
'The Darker Sex' is the 3rd posthumous release by Chubby Wolf, a project of the late Danielle Baquet-Long, who also performed as one half of Celer. The release features artwork by Jennifer Chen and is mastered by Corey Fuller.

Chubby Wolf: The Darker Sex

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