Claire Cronin

Over And Through

Ba Da Bing BING 1010 MC
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In anticipation of Came Down A Storm, Claire Cronin's full band collaboration with John Dieterich (Deerhoof) which Ba Da Bing will release next Spring, we present this Best Of compiling her solo songs of the past few years. Cronin's songs are sparse, deep, and dark, and her gravelly voice reaches unexpected levels of emotional beauty. There's something Jason Molina going on here, by way of Karen Dalton and Neil Young. Cronin is currently working towards a PhD in poetry at University of Georgia, and her lyrics reflect the intelligence and insight of someone so devoted to the written word.

Claire Cronin: Over And Through

Bury My Heart Claire Cronin
Sister & Devil Claire Cronin
Weight Of The Kill Claire Cronin
Take The Rope Claire Cronin
Over & Through Claire Cronin
In Los Angeles Claire Cronin
Proof Of Names Claire Cronin
For What It Is Worth Claire Cronin
They Say Claire Cronin
The Moon Claire Cronin

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