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Clay Rendering, the tortured pop project of former Wolf Eyes member Mike Connelly and his wife Tara, pledge three diverse but unmistakably gothic sacrifices to Hospital Productions in the wake of two outstanding albums and some of the most addictive EPs we’ve heard from North America’s erstwhile noise quarters.

Soused in the spirits of black metal, coldwave pop and shoegaze, their new cuts reflect a black indigo spectrum of tastes with an inflamed desire for proper song structures and the kind of hooks that hearken back to teenaged thrills and what allured them to music in the first place -and it makes for perhaps their most realised set of tracks yet.

With Dominick Fernow as producer and effectively acting in a 3rd band member role, they triangulate a sound that’s nostalgic for the gothic undertones of ‘80s and ‘90s darkness, getting into gear with the hearse-cruising coldwave pop rocket We Are Aware, and casting a long, northern-pointing shadow of BM toil and shoegaze anguish in Never Pass Away.

Ultimately though, we reckon it’s the B-side - an instrumental cocktail of ice cold, downbeat ‘electronics that sounds like Badalamenti meets ambient Plastikman - which will get under the skin and stick with you longest...

Clay Rendering: We Are Aware

We Are Aware Clay Rendering
Never Pass Away Clay Rendering
Towards Motionless Clay Rendering

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