Co La

Daydream Repeater

NNA Tapes NNA038
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It's time to welcome in the era of New Exotica with 'Daydream Repeater', the debut LP by Co La, gentleman and purveyor of all things avant-luxury. Matthew Papich designs a new sonic territory, creating something that nods to Jamaican Rocksteady and 50's American Pop in spirit, but ultimately presents an elegant re-purposing of those parts into fresh, smart, electronic music. For all seeking an attitude adjustment in the era of austerity, try burning one for Co La's cultivated luxury sound & you may find an emerging solidarity slipping into your ears. In other words: if you're too wise to live straight, you better grip this sound sooner than later. Mastered by Lupo at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

Co La: Daydream Repeater

Egyptian Peaches Co La 1'30''
Vanity Plate Co La 1'30''
Wanna Say Faux Co La 1'30''
My Jamaican Co La 1'30''
Siamese in Green Co La 1'30''
Cocktail Co La 49''
Smooth Solidarity Co La 1'30''
Belgian Pillow Co La 1'30''
Turned Twice Co La 1'23''
Burning One in Stockholm Co La 1'30''

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