Bangers Vs. Fuckers

Castle Face CF 052 CD
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Feeling listless? Falling asleep behind the wheel? Need a soundtrack for your backyard Fight Club (with the lucky possibility of a muddy mid-fight kiss)? We have just the thing: a fully re-spruced version of the Coachwhips’ classic LP, Bangers Vs. Fuckers.

If you’re unfamiliar, this record may be the loudest thing ever put to tape. Weasel Walter’s mastering job is more of an act of terrorism than anything else but it perfectly captures the intensity of seeing them live in, say, your bathroom. This record right here is Coachwhips at their bloody-nosed best, way past in the red, shoving white-hot heart-attack anthems like “You Gonna Get It,” “Evil Son” and “Thee Alarm” straight through your reptilian brain and into the sweaty crowd behind you. Essential listening for anyone with a pulse and a chip on their shoulder. Remastered and recut at 45 RPM for maximum blunt force. We found the artwork all beat up but we nursed it back to health. It’s never been louder, clearer or more fun than this, and it’s out on Castle Face Records.

Coachwhips: Bangers Vs. Fuckers

You Gonna Get It Coachwhips
Extinguish Me Coachwhips
I Knew Her, She Knew Me Coachwhips
Purse Peeking Coachwhips
Dancefloor, Bathroom Coachwhips
I Drank What? Coachwhips
Evil Son Coachwhips
Thee Alarm Coachwhips
Recline, Recline Coachwhips
Harlow's Muscle Of Love Coachwhips
Goodnite Goodbuy Coachwhips

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