Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine

Castle Face CF 041 LP
  • LP : Includes Download
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Castle Face presents a loogie-shined re-release of Coachwhips’ Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine on CD and vinyl! Following last year’s reissue of Hands on the Controls, the label continues dusting off the vaults, unearthing another screeching, swaggering beast. The tracks have been re-tweaked to taste (a pinch of capsicum) and what a picture emerges—the scuzz and squall cracking ever so slightly and revealing a coffee-can full of earworms underneath. The zombie-shuffle come-on of the title track is worth the price of admission alone, but there’s adrenalized bludgeoners here as well: “1000 Years,” “UFO, Please Take Her Home” and “Yes, I’m Down” all capture the band at their sweat-soaked best.

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