Cobra Killer

Das Mandolinenorchester

Monika Enterprise m44
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Cobra Killer: Das Mandolinenorchester

Heavy Rotation (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'23''
The Stoker (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 2'11''
Helicopter 666 (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'45''
High Is The Pine (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 4'04''
Mund Auf Augen Zu (Stecker Raus Ich Dreh Durch) (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'08''
L.a. Shaker (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'10''
Show Me Your Ruler (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 4'21''
Ist Es Farbig? (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'43''
H-man-a-psychocat (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'09''
Chemie Des Alltags (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'08''
Lambretta Does It Better (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 2'14''
Mund Auf Augen Zu (Sine Vocals (Mandolinenorchester) Cobra Killer 3'06''

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