Cocteau Twins

Stars And Topsoil (A Collection 1982 - 1990)

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Stars and Topsoil, Cocteau Twins’ collection of the best of their 4AD years, is belatedly issued on vinyl now. The first pressing is on heavy-weight, white vinyl.

Over a career at 4AD that spanned six albums and seven EPs, Cocteau Twins retained an intriguing uniqueness of style that defied comparison. Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitars) and Simon Raymonde (bass guitar) were always fiercely protective of their privacy, preferring to let the music speak for itself; it spoke volumes and continues to do so. Following their ascent from alternative novices to universally acclaimed artists, Stars and Topsoil is a fine testament to one of the most original bands to emerge in the last three decades.

This chronological collection is a fitting reminder of why Cocteau Twins are so important: musical visionaries who transcended convention yet achieved massive international success.

Cocteau Twins: Stars And Topsoil (A Collection 1982 - 1990)

Blind Dumb Deaf Cocteau Twins 3'47''
Sugar Hiccup Cocteau Twins 3'41''
My Love Paramour Cocteau Twins 3'38''
Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops Cocteau Twins 4'11''
Lorelei Cocteau Twins 3'43''
Pandora Cocteau Twins 5'26''
Aikea-Guinea Cocteau Twins 3'58''
Pink Orange Red Cocteau Twins 4'38''
Pale Clouded White Cocteau Twins 4'59''
Lazy Calm Cocteau Twins 6'34''
The Thinner The Air Cocteau Twins 3'16''
Orange Appled Cocteau Twins 2'50''
Cico Buff Cocteau Twins 3'46''
Carolyn's Fingers Cocteau Twins 3'06''
Fifty-Fifty Clown Cocteau Twins 3'11''
Iceblink Luck Cocteau Twins 3'18''
Heaven Or Las Vegas Cocteau Twins 4'55''
Watchlar Cocteau Twins 3'17''

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