Cocteau Twins

Tiny Dynamine / Echoes In A Shallow Bay

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Double EP set from 4AD’s finest. Tracks 1 - 4 make up Tiny Dynamite- a 1985 EP built from material that was never meant for public consumption. They made these songs purely to test the capabilities of a new studio space but the results are all vintage Cocteau- theatrical, gloomy and rich with character. Echoes in a Shallow Bay was the precursor to Victorialand and it found the band in the height of their ethereal wave motion. Cuts like Pale Clouded White and Eggs And Their Shells capture these airy melodies perfectly. Considering the bulk of this music was never meant to leave the studio, it lines up with some of Cocteau Twins’ finest work.

Cocteau Twins: Tiny Dynamine / Echoes In A Shallow Bay

Pink Orange Red Cocteau Twins
Ribbed and Veined Cocteau Twins
Plain Tiger Cocteau Twins
Sultitan Itan Cocteau Twins
Great Spangled Fritillary Cocteau Twins
Melonella Cocteau Twins
Pale Clouded White Cocteau Twins
Eggs and Their Shells Cocteau Twins

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