Love's Recurring Dream

Italic ITA083 CD
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We are very happy to announce the release of COLOMA's new album, Love's Recurring Dream, on ITALIC. After years of friendship and mutual admiration, we have seized this chance to work together. Alongside ITALIC's great affinity for electronic dance music in its multitude of forms, from techno to house to disco, we have always harboured a love for pop (attitudes), as exemplified by the likes of PREFAB SPROUT, STEELY DAN, ORANGE JUICE, SCRITTI POLITTI, JAPAN, PULP or SCOTT WALKER. The new COLOMA album follows in this tradition and is an opportunity for us to reveal this aspect of our passion. We invite you to share in this world of perfect pop with us. COLOMA is the collaboration between singer/lyricist Rob Taylor and producer/composer Alex Paulick. Though originally from England, the two spent a period of musical education and discovery in Cologne, Germany, where Taylor is still based. Paulick flits between Berlin, the UK and his teenage hometown in California (a few miles from the Gold Rush town of Coloma). This geographical caprice is without doubt one key to the Coloma sound. The fourth COLOMA album is a song cycle with recurring harmonic and rhythmic themes. Lyrically, Love's Recurring Dream is a narrative chronicling the phases of a romance, which symbolically runs over the course of a year. In the twelve songs, singer Rob Taylor follows the progress of the seasons from spring, summer and autumn to winter, with the implicit promise that a new spring will follow. For the recording, a group of musicians was assembled in San Francisco for improvisational sessions that make up the body of the album. Precise editing by producer Alex Paulick brings coherence to these spontaneous takes, with performances ebbing and flowing between rather loose and artificially tight. Under the influence of co-producer Bacchus Marteau, female backing vocals, harpsichords and vibraphones were added to the fold. Pristine mixes by Marcus Schmickler (Pluramon) ensure that this ambitious contrast of sounds remains delicately balanced. Min Stiller's cover sculpture mirrors the cyclical nature of Love's Recurring Dream, evoking the paradoxical tension that holds lovers together, yet threatens to unravel them. In its entirety, Love's Recurring Dream is a modern concept album featuring classic song writing and bold production, combined to create profound popular music.

Coloma: Love's Recurring Dream

Four Seasons (Original Version) Coloma 5'11''
Strengh of Wine (Original Version) Coloma 6'11''
Do You Know What It Is yet? (Original Version) Coloma 3'05''
A Man Barely Alive (Original Version) Coloma 5'14''
These Days Are Ours (Original Version) Coloma 3'36''
Standstill (Original Version) Coloma 3'44''
Tired of Summer (Original Version) Coloma 4'16''
The Grateful Lover (Original Version) Coloma 3'18''
Blue Blood (Original Version) Coloma 5'29''
Should I Be Untrue (Original Version) Coloma 5'00''
Tonight Let Me Sleep (Original Version) Coloma 5'02''
Snow (Original Version) Coloma 5'16''

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