Consumer Electronics

Repetition Reinforcement

Diagonal Diagonal 019
  • 12”: Three-colour, spot-UV sleeve
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‘Repetition Reinforcement’ is a chilling reminder of Consumer Electronics’ brute, incisive force and reaffirms their unique position in today’s extreme electronic music.

The long-running alias of former Whitehouse agitator, Philip Best, and now featuring vocals and music by Sarah Froelich & n0!se pioneer Russell Haswell, Consumer Electronics hold steadfast to an unflinching observation of, and reflection on, contemporary British culture, recently exemplified in the coarse noise techno rants of ‘Estuary English’ (Dirter Promotions, 2014). On both these new songs, though, Best’s lyrics and delivery distil his bracing vitriol to nerve- shredding degrees, trading the explicit rage of ‘Estuary English’ for hushed, under-the-skin implication, aided by Sarah Froelich’s deadpan vocal and Haswell’s streamlined, but ever visceral, frequency fxxkery.

‘Murder The Masters’ cuts right to the bone, (w)rapping a disaffected tirade in deeply unsettling, over-the-shoulder tones, skeletal techno kicks and clammy atmospheres. You can practically smell Best’s breath on your neck. ‘Alien Existence’ follows suit, swapping volume for skin-crawling intimacy. Here he shares vocals with Froelich in a probing dialectic of sexual politics smeared against sagging kicks and looking- glass synth discord.

Consumer Electronics: Repetition Reinforcement

Murder The Masters Consumer Electronics
Alien Existence Consumer Electronics

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