Costin Chioreanu

Outside the Great Circle, Where Purgatory Ends

Hallow Ground HG1303LP
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Hallow Ground and Edition Gris announce their collaboration with Romanian multitalented Artist Costin Chioreanu. OUTSIDE THE GREAT CIRCLE, WHERE PURGATORY ENDS is a spectacular multimedia approach on both spiritual and artistic levels. The project features musicians David Tibet (Current 93), Attila Csihar (Sunn0))), Mayhem) alongside many others.

The release comes with a DVD which includes the complete OUTSIDE THE GREAT CIRCLE movie as well.

Read what the artist himself has to say about this release: "All of the people gathered on this record were chosen for a very specific reason: no one else would do. Without even one of them, this soundtrack would be rendered an eyeless Mona Lisa, lacking a crucial element of enigmatic power. Attila Csihar has his unique dark voice and the ability to give the music a foundation of incredible depth, enhancing the spiritual side of music on frequencies usually left unused. David Tibet has his high timbre - charismatic, apocalyptic, angelic with an irresistible aristocratic edge."

Side A
movie soundtrack, 2013

Side B
exhibition soundtrack, 2011
I. Absent, Abstract, Above
II. An Empire Beneath Oblivion
III. Phanthasma And The Midnight Stalker

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