Dan Melchior

Born Under A Grey Sign

Monofonus Press MF117
  • LP: Includes download
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When this record showed up unsolicited let's just say it was a no brainer. Born Under a Grey Sign shows DAN MELCHIOR confident enough to do whatever he damn well pleases. He'll go from singing a Sea Shanty directly into drum machine chaos, all the while keeping things rooted somehow in his brand of folk/rock/garage whatever. We love this record, and it's an honor to release it.

Dan Melchior: Born Under A Grey Sign

Krokodile Girl Dan Melchior
Black Beauty Dan Melchior
Urchin Dan Melchior
Mallow In The Marsh Dan Melchior
Old Bone's Mansion Greys Dan Melchior
Big Lucy Dan Melchior
Stamen Dan Melchior
The Sphinx Gets Up Dan Melchior
Six White Horses Dan Melchior
It's A Big Empty Plain (Part 1) Dan Melchior
It's A Big Empty Plain (Part 2) Dan Melchior
(Call Him) The Soiled Prince Dan Melchior

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