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Jack's Daniel Remixes

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daniel "jack of all trades" meteo is back on track at kalk pets. "pure i", "memento", "beautiful" from his previous kalk pets 12" "memento" get sharpen up for dj and dancefloor needs.
detroit based tadd mullinix (aka dabrye) delivers an outstanding jack mix under his techno/acid alias james t cotton. pure acid and shifting beats for the best of sick. as james t cotton he released his 2nd album now in february on spectral.
on the flip side two resident kalk acts complete the thrill. hanno leichtmann aka static aka vulva string quartet in a classic 4 to the floor style and junction sm (sonja moonear and chilen dandy jack) showcase their talent of futuresque floor music, broken tech house at its best.
soon on kalk pets: DANIEL METEO - DRECK STREET 12"

Daniel Meteo: Jack's Daniel Remixes

Pure I (James T Cotton Remix) Daniel Meteo 8'07''
Beautiful (Junction Sm Metele Mix) Daniel Meteo 7'22''
Memento (Vulva String Quartett Remix) Daniel Meteo 7'12''

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