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Listing all of Daniel Meteos musical involvements might take a few more pages than we can spare Ð although Peruments marks his debut solo release, this shy and retiring nocturnal creature has already graced a surprising number of records under a variety of guises, keeping his finger in plenty of delicious musical pies in pursuit of that elusive moment of aural bliss.
Above and beyond championing Berlins local electronic music scene, Meteo has added his spin to the likes of Apparat, Orb, DNTEL, Masha Qrella as a remixer, runs his own experimental dub label Meteosound (closely intertwined with fellow friends/office buddies Shitkatapult), shakes up clubs around the world with his delectable DJ sets and drives the beats of the dub/hip-hop/electronica duo Bus (on Poles ~scape label).
Nevertheless, some part of his musical spectrum remained unexplored - for almost as long as Daniel can remember, a folder called "Peruments" (Peru meets government) has been hiding in the depth of his hard drive, a black hole eager to swallow all those fragments and ideas too wayward and personal to find their way into one of his many collaborations; entirely sample- and vocal-free ideas tinkered with and fine-tuned in many obsessive marathon sessions.
"I guess what I really look for in music is an element of soul - and thats something I can sense in artists as varied as Barrington Levy (reggae), Theo Parrish (house), Marvin Gaye (soul, songwriting) or Flabba Holt (dub). In a way, these influences are completely incompatible. But the Shitkatapult crew turned around and said: Why dont you bring them all together - it's all typically Meteo, right? And thats something I had never even considered before - what a relief." With this in mind, Daniel decided on an ambitious experiment, using Peruments to square the circle between club (1-3), dub/downbeat (4-7), house (8 and 9) and Peru (10-12) - the latter featuring his most personal tracks and experimental excursions into the depth of his hard drive and psyche.
While his own secret favourite Goodbye, Nice Try is left to meander over leisurely convolutedly rhythms and the chopped up Peruments rewinds everything back to its origins, other tracks see snippets of traditional guitars slip back into the mix for brief, touching forays into the intricate melodies of Meteo's inner and outer realms (Just in Time, Peters Bounce). Fragile dub structures provide temporary scaffolding for his sonic digressions (Ghost Story) and even the albums obvious club tracks (Musik ohne Sound, Chop Stick) systematically search for breaks in the break, to then, after intricate diversions from the tracks basic beat, bounce their way back onto the dancefloor.
"Peruments is far more playful than my other recordings because there was no one else to provide a tidying touch", Daniel explains - and this ambitious tightrope walk between disintegration and cohesion, freestyle and structure, hookline and ambient crackles also finds a visual equivalent in the albums artwork. "Exactly one day after finishing the tracks my Powerbook monitor broke down for good - and left me with the current cover image. I guess that really says it all - everything around me is in a state of dissolution, and once again I just about manage to slip out."
A great escape - and promising departure to further weird and wonderful musical shores. meteo 019 therefore, can be considered as an important element of meteosounds intuitive idea of how dub productions should sound like. according to what the label made until now: exploring different territories like the dub-electronica of meteo/thiel or fenins productions, reaching the electric hip-hop of the syberian duo echo depth finders, passing through ferdinand fehlers and his innovative soul city music. watch this sound!

Daniel Meteo: Peruments

Music Ohne Sound Daniel Meteo 4'54''
Without Don'T It Ain'T Daniel Meteo 5'22''
Chop Stick Daniel Meteo 3'13''
Ghost Story Daniel Meteo 1'18''
1000 Miles Daniel Meteo 3'01''
Save Music Daniel Meteo 3'40''
Rendered Buildings Daniel Meteo 2'14''
(Peru Arrives) Just In Time Daniel Meteo 6'56''
Peters Bounce Daniel Meteo 4'17''
It's Maybe Late For You Daniel Meteo 3'23''
Peruments Daniel Meteo 4'20''
Good Bye Nice Try Daniel Meteo 3'50''

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