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The Beat Of The Heart

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My new record THE BEAT OF THE HEART tries to satisfy the usual genre schemes (club, techhouse, etc.) as well as possible for me. All three tracks have been produced during early summer 2008 in Berlin and follow-up the wonderful music by my friend FELIX (BAD IDEAS, meteo 22/12“) as a gentle statement for music as a worth of its own - and not as a fulfilling, function, market, dj tool.
The title track THE BEAT OF THE HEART is a warm, harmonic 125 bpm club track. Shifting piano chords, pitching keys, and 2 different bass sounds flowing upon a steady deep techhouse heart-beat. 09:48 minutes that end up in an open chord jam. Dreaming about a slidely melancholical piece for autumn and winter homes, souls and floors.
B Side opens with a friendly tune called GUITARS. A broken riddem pattern that flows into a jazzy piano catch phrase and 4 to the floor house beat. the title remains the content: flirting guitars and bass guitars. I am very happy with/about/because of this track. SECRETS is a rather dark half beat club track - that offers an atmosphere of stop and go and silent turns.
Besides my recent and upcoming vinyl releases on KALK PETS, there will be more METEOSOUND releases in 2009 - under the topic working class: deep, soulful, house music without strictly rhythm or genre borders.
I hope you enjoy it.

Yours Daniel Meteo... Berlin, September 2008

Daniel Meteo: The Beat Of The Heart

The Beat Of The Heart Daniel Meteo 9'49''
Guitars Daniel Meteo 5'25''
Secrets Daniel Meteo 5'17''

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