Foam Island

Warp Records WARPLP258
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New Darkstar album deals in contemporary electronic­-pop interlaced with powerful statements on community, society and hope in the 21st century.

As such the record is in parts severe and beautiful, combining hard digital rhythms and live percussion with colourful synths. Having sung lead on several Darkstar songs to date, Whalley's voice is now full time, his heavily treated vocals integrating with enveloping yet direct compositions. The production is perfectly controlled throughout, covering expansive uptempo pop ('Stoke The Fire' and 'Through The Motions'), immersive ambience (title track 'Foam Island'), mutated Neptunes-style R&B ('Pin Secure'), and free-form electronic experimentation ('Javan's Call' and 'Days Burn Blue').

Similarly, thematically it cycles through motifs of disillusionment, political isolation and apathy, alongside hope, happiness and pride. It creates a world in which there is a definite stoic comfort in routine, tradition and community, but in which there is also anger at a lack of opportunity for personal progression and a lack of investment in their collective futures. Final writing on the album took place in May 2015, with the lyrics to closing track 'Days Burn Blue' written as the UK election votes were being counted, and 'Cuts' pieced together in the weeks following.

With Foam Island Darkstar have created an album which could only have been made in 2015, an album with a voice that encourages a generation to stand up and be counted.

Darkstar: Foam Island

Basic Things Darkstar
Inherent In The Fibre Darkstar
Stoke The Fire Darkstar
Cuts Darkstar
Go Natural Darkstar
A Different Kind Of Struggle Darkstar
Pin Secure Darkstar
Through The Motions Darkstar
Tilly's Theme Darkstar
Foam Island Darkstar
Javan's Call Darkstar
Days Burn Blue Darkstar

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