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“I started writing Christopher Columbus in my head after being stuck in Barcelona a couple of years back at the end of a CLEAN tour of Europe (we had just played Primavera). My flight out was delayed by a day, so I spent most of that time hanging around the Rambla de Santa Monica, where a statue of Columbus stands. It got me thinking about how his discovery of America led the world to where we are now. Where are we now? I like to think we are now looking at the beginning of the end of the corporate way of capitalist life which, as we know it, essentially came out of Chicago via the economist Milton Friedman and is basically a completely inhuman idea. The song doesn’t make this very clear, but that’s the back story. Columbus knew there was more to explore - yeah he knew! Little did he know where it would end up. ‘Shifting Sands’ Written by Baker Knight (Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, 1967). ‘Shifting Sands’ was originally recorded by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band in 1967. You can find the track on their LP Part One. The track is on the b-side in that grand tradition of putting something a li’l different on a b-side. This track will not be on the next LP. It may not even be available as a digital download.” David Kilgour

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