Lunar Glyphs

Fauxpas Musik FAUXPASLP003
  • 2LP: 350g black Caribic Carton plus 2 Sided Screenprint
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Sven Weisemann' Alias Desolate returns with his third album. After five long years in the studio it is ripe to be heard.

Desolate: Lunar Glyphs

Primordial Desolate
Late Flowering Desolate
Libelle Desolate
Amaru Desolate
Farewell #5 Desolate
Ravishing Desolate
Blessedness Desolate
Immortality Desolate
Farewell #6 Desolate
Sputnik Sunrise Desolate
Tyroshi Desolate
Astral Ambient Desolate

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