Donato Wharton

Body Isolations

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Taking its name from a contemporary dance term, Donato Wharton chose to call his second album 'Body Isolations' in order to draw parallels with the manner in which an audience in any field can have their attention focussed on a particular thing. Beautiful ambient soundscapes, delicate sound design & his first ever vocal track.

Donato Wharton: Body Isolations

Absentia Donato Wharton 1'12''
Blue Skied Demon Donato Wharton 4'11''
Transparencies Donato Wharton 4'06''
Underwave Donato Wharton 4'03''
Pudget Sound Donato Wharton 4'53''
The End Of The American Century Donato Wharton 4'00''
Deities Stalk The Land Donato Wharton 4'01''
Sidereal Donato Wharton 4'40''
Wake Donato Wharton 3'02''

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