Pure Trash

Anticon ABR043CD
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With Pure Trash, Dosh makes his case for bringing a new child into the world. Listening to the record you can’t help but imagine Dosh escaping to his headphones in his dank basement while the upper half of his house bubbles with the anxiety and excitement of the impending birth. After compiling lots of tracks and ideas, whittling them down to the bare essentials, Martin enlisted several friends to contribute pieces here and there, which he then edited to fit the whole. Influenced by both electronic music and hip hop as much as by jazz and rock, the record’s pretty piano melodies and dirt-filthy breaks, have a contemplative, but a stubbornly optimistic outlook in the face of a daunting world. Pure Trash demonstrates not only a range of influences, but also a thorough exploration of melody, rhythm, texture and depth of sound. Dosh’s unique set of gear, his totally original approach to his equipment, his almost improvisational style of recording and performing (which for him are essentially one in the same), make him like no other performer or recording artist. Pure Trash is a beautiful welcome to Dosh’s newborn son Naoise and an overall tribute to a life worth living, usually.

Dosh: Pure Trash

Simple Exercises Dosh 3'22''
Dark Lord Of Rhodes Dosh 3'10''
This Is Where Things Were Looking Up Dosh 3'14''
Rock It To The Next Episode Dosh 3'49''
Bye Rhodsy Dosh 3'22''
I Think I'm Getting Married Dosh 5'25''
Bring The Happiness Dosh 2'47''
Geye Dosh 3'38''
Naoise Dosh 3'30''
Pure Trash Dosh 5'05''
Building A Strange Child Dosh 3'15''
The Last Plan Dosh 5'51''

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