Spectrum 008

Spectrum Spools SP008LP
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Darren Ho's latest trip down the rabbit hole is a baroque maze lit with neon lights. Machine music for The Blue Danube. Piano, harpsichord and synthesis all set adrift, levitating into minimal jewels of sound.

POPULAR TAGS: Ambient, Analog, Baroque, Beautiful, Bizarre, Boring, Cold, "Daren Ho", Digital, Driphouse, Drone, Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Floating, Harpsichord, "Library Electronics", Modular, Mysterious, Piano, Psychedelic, Puzzling, Satie, "Spectrum 008", "Spectrum Spools", Sterilized, Synthesizers, Ugly, Wendy Carlos, Wobbly, WTF, Zig-Zag

Driphouse: Spectrum 008

Slow Sum Part One Driphouse 2'04''
Chompers World Driphouse 3'42''
In Peru Driphouse 4'58''
Slow Sum Part Two Driphouse 5'05''
Dots Driphouse 4'18''
Smiley Driphouse 8'20''
Back Into The Hole Driphouse 3'21''

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