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The Dropout Patrol is the name of Jana Sotzko‘s solo project.
To perform on stage on her own was never as much fun for her as to write her own songs. A full band outfit should evolve - not necessarily an easy task and an intent cursed with failure several times before, especially if the songs are so close to the protagonist. The current line-up, consisting of Kristof Kuenssler (drums), Stefan Diessner (bass/guitar) and Ulrich Kalliske (bass/guitar), turned out to be the perfect one. Perfect indeed, if you just look at the long term connection between all 4 members, may it be their close friendship or just being on tour and playing shows together.. it just naturally evolved.
So now, after 10 years, the first selftitled Dropout Patrol album is about to be released, an album that‘s personal and so very close to the things that get life moving forward and things that get lost, change or just fail along the way. Sotzko observed precisely, found just the right words for things that repeat themselves but yet, stay unique. ..and in the end, „being observed“ becomes a major topic itself.
That‘s how the songs get interspersed with beautiful pictures which, at best, last longer than the actual runtime of this album: being chased by wolves, monkeys on rooftops, kisses in a hurry. It‘s these gorgeous moments that are created carefully and reduced.. when tempi change, a choir sets in & so much truth is mentioned in a passing that it almost hurts.

Dropout Patrol: Selftitled

Other People’s Problems The Dropout Patrol 2'07''
The Great Hesitation The Dropout Patrol 3'36''
Irrelevant Variables The Dropout Patrol 3'23''
Taken Hostage By The Scene The Dropout Patrol 3'27''
A Song For Four A.M. The Dropout Patrol 4'33''
--- The Dropout Patrol 1'07''
It May Be That We Are Passing Through Difficult Landscapes The Dropout Patrol 5'03''
The Unwanted Gift The Dropout Patrol 2'52''
Find It At The Bottom Of The Lake The Dropout Patrol 4'43''
Make Up Your Mind The Dropout Patrol 4'46''
Airports The Dropout Patrol 3'24''

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