St. Catherine

Domino WIGCD361
  • LP (color vinyl) : Includes Download, ltd. Green Vinyl
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Unfurling out of Los Angeles this July comes St. Catherine, Matt Mondanile’s fifth outing as Ducktails. The new album emerges from the roots of Mondanile's previous work, from the free-form, ambient bedroom experiments of seminal underground release Landscapes (2009), to 2013's eighties pop re-imagination The Flower Lane, but ultimately moves Ducktails on to a more refined, personal and sincere place.

St. Catherine is a finely-honed collection of baroque pop songs that take the blissful, cascading melodic fretwork that Mondanile has made his signature with both Ducktails and his other band, Real Estate, and applies it to songs of considerable new emotional heft and dynamic range.

Ducktails: St. Catherine

The Disney Afternoon Ducktails
Headbanging In The Mirror Ducktails
Into The Sky Ducktails
Heaven's Room Ducktails
St Catherine Ducktails
The Laughing Woman Ducktails
Surreal Exposure Ducktails
Church Ducktails
Medieval Ducktails
Krumme Lanke Ducktails
Reprise Ducktails

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