Dial Dial 030 CD
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This record is quite surprising, as it shows Efdemin's love for classic 90s deep techno ? just think of Berlin labels like Chain Reaction. 'Decay' also has this sensitivity for drone music, which is needed so much to keep a deep techno album interesting. This is more distant and less melodic than Efdemin's previous albums. And much more serious. And timeless. And that is a good thing.

Efdemin: Decay

Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes Efdemin
Drop Frame Efdemin
Transducer Efdemin
Solaris Efdemin
Decay Efdemin
Subatomic Efdemin
Track 93 Efdemin
The Meadow Efdemin
Parallaxis Efdemin
Ohara Efdemin

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