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TTT roll out more elastic gurners from Ekman with the sharp Aphasia EP. The first drop and title cut is (believe it or not!) a euphoric house shuffler with bubbling drums working away while sickly vocals float in giving a false sense of comfort but with a grimy undercurrent. I Only Hit You 'Cause I Love You continues the deadly assault with an old school acid flow that's the early morning hammer-over-the-head wake up call to his previous Fuck Your Rock And Jack Your Funk 12" while the rest of the EP flows with the similar lip-chewing fashion flitting between electro, industrial and techno in a proper meaty fashion.

Ekman: Aphasia EP

Aphasia Ekman
I Only Hit You 'Cause I Love You Ekman
Rook Ekman
Schropferesque Ekman

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