Embassador Dulgoon

Hydorion Remnants

Psychic Sounds PSR022
  • LP: Limited edition of 270 copies, silkscreen artwork
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"EMBASSADOR DULGOON is known for his intrepid contributions for the world-traversing experimental science ensemble NONLOCAL SOCIETY, however the eccentric Chilean multi-instrumentalist points us in a very different direction for his most recent revelation entitled Hydrorion Remnants. Dulgoon delivers a fantastic voyage by way of transportive electro-acoustic elements, roaming crypto-zoological sampling, and soaring synthesized melodies that all work to create a truly unique escapade. Burrowed systems of organ tones, colossal reptile grunts, washes of native twang, shapeshifting effects, sliding sonic tendrils of dangerous fauna, rowdy bird calls, heroic guitar trod, and interconnected tunnels of feedback are all mapped out for you to explore. Activate the artifact that is ‘Hydrorion Remnants’ to reveal a dense world of wild beasts and uncharted landscapes that only the most adventuresome dare to seek." - Grant Corum, for Psychic Sounds.

Embassador Dulgoon: Hydorion Remnants

Triassic Persuasion Embassador Dulgoon
Daedalean Escapades Embassador Dulgoon
The Sirius Passet Embassador Dulgoon
The Stethacanthus Skin Walkers Embassador Dulgoon
Tabernacles Abandoned Embassador Dulgoon
Sigillaria Spacecrofts Embassador Dulgoon
Incantations Of The Aethyr Macgovanias Embassador Dulgoon
Archways Of Lepidodendron Embassador Dulgoon
The Yawning Zone Embassador Dulgoon

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