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EMBASSYLIGHTS is the new collaborative side project for Woodpigeon’s Mark Hamilton. His latest creative venture sees him pair up with two of Reykjavik's most intriguing songsmiths Beni Hemm Hemm and Prins Póló, alongside fellow Calgary natives Samantha Savage Smith and Laura Leif.

The ensemble boasts a talent exchange between six distinct personalities that took place during a residency exchange in Iceland. With sound ranging from the elegiac soundscapes of Bedhead, the rhythms of Talking Heads, a dash of ’60s girl group pop, and rock songs based on Icelandic folklore EMBASSYLIGHTS prove the language of music is one that is internationally understood.

WHAT IS A FLEXI-DISC? Developed in communist Russia through the pressing and distribution of (illegal) pop music on old X-Rays (called "Bones"), flexis have since come to embody a variety of products thinner than a normal vinyl record. Flexi-discs are a phonograph record made of a thin, flexible vinyl sheet with a moulded-in spiral stylus groove, designed to be playable on a normal record player.

The EMBASSYLIGHTS release is made up of 4 double sided flexi-discs that are housed between illustrations by Asad Pervaiz (with a cover collage by band member Laura Leif and friends Heather Kai Smith, Kali Urquhart, and Dallin Ursenbach) bound as a hard cover book. They are a strictly limited run

Embassylights: Embassylights

Lady Down The Line Embassylights
Cold Skin Embassylights
2080s Embassylights
I'll Go Where You Are Embassylights
Bad Weather Embassylights
Inside-Outside Embassylights
Slysið Embassylights
Búkolla Embassylights

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