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Ensemble Skalectrik is a side-project of Nick ‘Ekoplekz’ Edwards. Previous emissions include the self-released psycho-geographical abstraction of “Snuff Mill Tapes” and a homage to Maurizio Bianchi via Feral Tapes. Focusing entirely on spontaneous composition and one-take improvisation, Ensemble Skalectrik represents the most raw, extreme performance-based electronic music in Edwards’ repertoire.
On ”Trainwrekz”, Edwards has dusted-off his turntables, grabbed a stack of old vinyl (mainly sound effects and easy listening albums), added a selection of sound-shaping devices (filters, equalizers, loop-pedals) and proceeded to record a series of delirious, derailed sonic sketches that sound like nothing else in his rapidly expanding discography.
Ranging from the portentous pile-up of ”Wrekwahn”, the oppressive atmospherics of “Wrekfore” and the serene ornithological drift of “Wreksikz”, these half-dozen pieces document the emergence of a highly personalized form of turntablism that incorporates elements of Chance, Drone, Dub, Hauntology, Musique Concrete and Free Improvisation.

Ensemble Skalectrik: Trainwrekz

Wrekwahn Ensemble Skalectrik 5'09''
Wrektoo Ensemble Skalectrik 7'14''
Wrekfree Ensemble Skalectrik 7'28''
Wrekfore Ensemble Skalectrik 8'20''
Wreksank Ensemble Skalectrik 5'56''
Wreksikz (for Louis Johnstone) Ensemble Skalectrik 8'50''

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