Erskine Lynas

Lease of Youth

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Local Action is proud to present the debut album by Erskine Lynas, Lease of Youth. Although Erskine - aka Thomas Emslie - is a new name, he's a long-time ally of Local Action who was known for his acclaimed electronic work as T_A_M.

Written and recorded in Aberdeen throughout Summer '16, Lease of Youth is heavily inspired by the naive melodic synth-pop of bands like Tears for Fears, The Blue Nile, OMD and Magnetic Fields, smeared against the grey skies and coastline of Emslie's hometown with an approach to after-effects and sampling that betrays his relationship with modern electronic music.

Although the album's lyrics are downcast, they're paired against bright sounds in a bittersweet way.

All vocals, production and instrumentation is handled by Emslie himself, with a knack for hooks and ear-worms far beyond his years.

Erskine Lynas: Lease of Youth

Feather Fall Erskine Lynas
Craiger Caught the Sleeper Erskine Lynas
New Concrete Erskine Lynas
20 Years Erskine Lynas
Madrigal Morning Erskine Lynas
Forever Rain Erskine Lynas
Humid Thought Erskine Lynas
Run.Away There's No Face in the Strings Erskine Lynas
Lease of Youth Erskine Lynas
Accord Erskine Lynas

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