Flapper That

Diagonal Diagonal 023
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‘Flapper That’ sees Diagonal invite EVOL — arch propagators of “computer music for hooligans” — to their own, unique establishment for a proper headshrinker of a session. Since Diagonal’s incarnation, EVOL’s hardcore aesthetic and sense of absurdity has been a key influence on the label and Powell’s DJ sets. In effect, DIAG023 marks a knowing gurn of respect between these mutually advanced mentalists.

The two-part, 20 minute ‘Flapper That’ may be EVOL’s most accessible boffin-style banger to date. The a-side writhes and morphs with hypernatural sensuality to explore sinuous integers of an acidic waveform, contorting convulsive digiteridooz into bendy, wild pitching bleeps and gabber- kick staccato. The second side then smears the same battery tang timbre into a pulsating, viscous bass drone with brain-melting rave tones sustaining the intensity at visceral degrees.

"Roc Jime´nez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp make computer music for hooligans and deconstructed rave objects. A vortex of generative basslines, air horns and fuzzy arpeggios, their music displays a radical and playful approach to algorithmic composition, with works available on Entr’acte, Mego, Presto!?, Diskono, Scarcelight, fals.ch and their very own ALKU."

Following the high acidic purity of EVOL’s ‘Purple Melters’ for iDEAL, this 12" is one of the strongest examples of utter rave indulgence in their extensive catalogue, and likewise a perfect addition to Diagonal’s ranks.

Evol: Flapper That

Flapper That, Pt. 1 Evol
Flapper That, Pt. 2 Evol

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