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PRESIDENCE is the eighth album in as many years by EXCEPTER. A double compact disc, PRESIDENCE explores the long-format side of EXCEPTER, focusing on continuous live performance and extended compositions. Over the course of more than two hours, PRESIDENCE spans the full spectrum of the EXCEPTER sound, from street-level electro to cosmic synth infinity and beyond. This is the sound of the band leaving Earth behind.

Excepter: Presidence

Teleportation Bre Excepter 43''
Teleportation Kal Excepter 5'27''
Teleportation Lil Excepter 7'50''
Teleportation Gol Excepter 7'01''
Teleportation Kop Excepter 6'42''
Teleportation Ask Excepter 3'38''
Leng Excepter 7'35''
Op Excepter 27'58''

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