F.S. Blumm

Bettvanille Weiter

Tomlab Tom008
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Finally the long awaited solo release of F.S. Blumm after his last years contribution to the highly acclaimed CD release Sack & Blumm - tom5.

For "Bettvanille Weiter", F.S. Blumm has been recording with similar instrumentation as for the Sack & Blumm project and the result is more than charming and at least as nonchalant as the preceding release with Harald Sack Ziegler.

In comparison "Bettvanille Weiter" may seem slightly quieter, more introspective in a way and the quietly glittering miniatures as well as the shiny bright instrumental popsongs remind us in some moments of our old love chicago far far away from Berlin. A wonderful release for tomlab and full of promises for more to come out of the soup kitchens between Cologne and Berlin...

F.S. Blumm: Bettvanille Weiter

Spieluhrsand F.S. Blumm 40''
Mondkuchen F.S. Blumm 40''
Neumittag F.S. Blumm 40''
Tau F.S. Blumm 40''
Nachneumittag F.S. Blumm 40''
120 Mandolinen F.S. Blumm 40''
Nachsinn F.S. Blumm 40''
Mondschicht F.S. Blumm 40''
Seesucht F.S. Blumm 40''

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